Saturday, 6 June 2009

Au revoir - we're on our way home!

DSC_4864, originally uploaded by rob-gizzy.

We're now in LAX waiting for our flight to Paris - then we catch our connecting flight to Amsterdam. Because we're travelling on our miles we couldn't get a direct flight to Amsterdam, but it doesn't matter too much! We're both a little sad to leave - it really has been great. The States is such a great vacation destination - relaxed, everyone is really friendly (even the 'hi - how are you' every 5 seconds is something you eventually get used to!). Well, what can I say except "we'll be back"!

With the Palm Springs cops

With the Palm Springs cops, originally uploaded by rob-gizzy.

Ok, I must admit I had quite a few margarita's when this picture was taken. The cops were very obliging, one said "do you want a photo with or without handcuffs"? OMG! We had a great dinner at Kaiser Steakhouse - 3 course meal for $24! There was some kind of town festival going on yesterday with booths and live music on every street corner (even an "Ask the Rabbi" corner)! After dinner we ended up at Las Casuelas Terraza where the same band was playing again. Today was our last day in Palm Springs, I went to the outlet stores (again) while Rob did the laundry and hung out by the pool. We spent the afternoon relaxing by the poolside and just packed all our stuff (we're also underweight, shoot we could have bought more! :D). Tonight we'll have dinner at "The Falls" and sit outside overlooking the square - and most probably end up at Las Casuelas. All in all, we're over the moon with the fantastic vacation we've had in the States. The only downside is this too comes to an end! But we've got the photos!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, originally uploaded by rob-gizzy.

Yesterday we went to Joshua Tree National Park (the trees were given the name by the Mormons due to the fact that they were pointing West, which was where they were headed). We went on a strenous 2-mile hike (around 2.5 hours) in the blazing heat (again, I ask you, we call this vacation???), but it was quite an impressive, massive park in the desert. Considering the grueling day we had, we deserved some cocktails (frozen Margarita's) at La Casuelas Terraza and decided to have dinner there since a really great band was playing.
Today, we went to the Aerial Tramway and rode up the tramway and hike the Mount San Jacinto and had some amazing views. It was a lot cooler up there (40 degrees F cooler) but excellent hiking conditions. When we got back to the hotel we were greeted by wonderful sunshine and were lured to the hotel pool to enjoy the sun!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Palm Springs - hotel pool

Pool of the hotel, originally uploaded by rob-gizzy.

We decided to skip San Diego, surely it's a great city with lots of interesting stuff to do, but average temperature was 70F (around 15 C), cloudy and foggy. Yuck. Now we're in Palm Springs and have been enjoying the sunshine and the hotel pool. The town itself is quite relaxed, lots of restaurants and little shops - so we're happy with our decision. We'll hang around here - lots things to do- Joshua Tree National Park, the Aerial Tramway and ofcourse last minute shopping!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Carmel Mission

Carmel Mission, originally uploaded by rob-gizzy.

We left SF at 9:30 this morning after having a hearty breakfast at our local breakfast hangout where they serve eggs, sausages, pancakes you name it with a bunch of fresh fruit, yummy! It was cold and windy in SF so we were happy to be heading South......but guess what? It was cold and windy in Monterey and Carmel as well. After checking the weather conditions in San Diego (high 20 degrees Celsius, low 14); we decided to change our plans and go to Palm Springs instead where it's 38 degrees C at the moment and sunny! We're now in San Luis Obispo, a cute little town around 198 miles north of LA which is also a wine region. Our next stop: the desert, heat, Palm Springs!